Natural Products as biopesticides

The challenge for a better planet drives Hedera-22 towards the development of sustainable products for plant protection. Agri market faces major challenges requiring novel compounds. Natural Products  are part of the solution as sustainable biopesticides.  

Building on our core competencies and accelerated process, we intend to partner with agro leaders to join them in the development of solutions for the future and propose them our extensive patentable molecule library.

A unique technology platform

to drastically increase the output, diversity and maturity of unique cryptic metabolites !

DNA-Based Synthesis

Hedera-22 has shaped an innovative method that circumvents the conventional barriers associated with strain collection, culture and extraction operations. By leveraging access to a vast library of genomes and environmental DNA, we are able to unleash the full potential of natural product discovery.

Bioinformatics predictive approach

The original strategy developed by Hedera-22 accelerates the next generation biomolecule discovery through a better identification of gene cluster diversity and uniqueness, and prediction of the metabolite molecular structure.


Antifungal and herbicidal bioactivity and ecotoxicity preliminary assays are conducted in house.

Why Natural Products ?

Usually more bioavailable, Natural Products are more likely to resemble biosynthetic intermediates or endogenous metabolites, and hence take advantage of active transport mechanisms .

Nature has learned to maintain low hydrophobicity and intermolecular H-bond donating potential when it needs to make biologically active compounds with high molecular weight and large numbers of rotatable bonds.

Natural products and their derivatives have been recognized for many years as a source of therapeutic agents and structural diversity .

By mimicking certain distribution properties of natural products, combinatorial compounds can be substantially more diverse and have greater biological relevance than purely synthetic compounds.

Our main activities & services


For the identification of a new metabolite of natural origin with activity in agriculture as herbicide, fungicide, insecticide or stimulant.

Next generation BIOMOLECULEs library

Pre-characterized biomolecule catalog available for screening in the scope of licensing agreement.

Our Team

Hedera 22 has a strong interdisciplinary team with high level of expertise.


Valerie Renard


Lucas Rezende

Scientific coordinator



Micro & Molecular Biology


Micro & Molecular Biology


Metabolomics and biomolecular chemistry


Metabolomics and biomolecular chemistry


Lab Technician


Lab Technician








Denis Baurain

Marc Hanikenne

Sebastien Rigali

Pierre Tocquin

about US

Science and technology for a better life.

 Hedera-22 was created in 2015 as a spin-off from University of Liège, to provide bio-informatics services. 

In 2020, Hedera-22 extended its activity to natural products discovery  using internal bio-informatic predictive tools.

After having validated its capabilities with several proof of concepts, Hedera-22 is today developing its unique technology platform that will allow to drastically increase the output, diversity and maturity of unique metabolites and build an extensive patentable molecule library.

Latest news

March 2024 : We are thrilled to share a significant milestone achieved by our scientific team in the realm of natural product discovery ! 

Over the past months, Hedera-22 has been dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural market by delving into in-vitro production of secondary metabolites, particularly focusing on potentially anti-fungal agents. Today,

we are proud to share that our efforts have borne fruit with a first successful lab scale production of bioactive natural molecules utilizing DNA-based synthesis

December 2023 : we are recruiting ! Are you a Research Scientist in Molecular Biology – Synthetic Biology with experience in cell free expression or recombinant protein expression. 

May 2023 : Hedera-22 is looking for new investors to support the development of its synthetic biology process that will leverage the discovery capabilities.

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Jan 2023 : From bacteria to new antibiotic discovery ! Fantastic work in collaboration with  Séba Rigali, InBioS @ Uliège which represents a Proof of Concept of Hedera-22’s process.
Lunaemycins, first new bioactive molecules found from cave moonmilk-dwelling bacteria. See our work at  Lunaemycins, New Cyclic Hexapeptide Antibiotics from the Cave Moonmilk-Dweller Streptomyces lunaelactis MM109T – PubMed (

We are regularly expanding our team. Contact us for more info about open positions. (@ )

May 2022 : Discover our research article written in collaboration with the University of Liège – InBioS Center for Protein Engineering, GIGA Proteomics Facility and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory MolSys Research Unit – describing the discovery of 43  novel ferroverdin-like compounds from Streptomyces lunaelactis  species. Our collaborative work uncovered putative novel CETP inhibitors structurally related to ferroverdins.

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